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Let's meet (virtually)! #stayhomeappointment

Updated: May 30, 2020

Hey guys!

So so many things happened since my first post. But let me keep those updates on the next few post (hopefully I'll get to that asap).

Today, I want to introduce a tremendous change to the way we are going to conduct our appointments for now. I know you guys would love to meet up with us face-to-face (or at least I think so, haha) but given the situation we are in right now and the Ministry's call for people to stay home and maintain social distancing, I hope this is the best possible option for us to move forward. So, how does it work?

  1. Download the App called 'Zoom' on your mobile devices; iphone, ipad, etc. No need for any sign up/sign in at all.

  2. Make a 'Virtual Appointment' with us via email ( or get it done even fast via the link below:

  3. You will get a notification once the appointment is approved.

  4. During the appointment time slot, key in the meeting ID (431 417 3514) , password 1234 and we'll see you live!

You and your fiance/girlfriend/boyfriend can be at the comfort of their own homes and join in the same live session. Best part, we are offering a $100 off any packages signed via the virtual appointment!

Simple right? I can't wait to see you guys live too!

Till the next post.



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